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Caring for your INFJ

Found this on a forum, and I find it highly applicable for me too...

Here are my tips for the Proper Care of Your INFJ if you are in a romantic relationship with us.

1. Your INFJ adores you more than they can express with words. Even if they don’t tell you verbally, they will show you how they feel through their patience, kindness, and willingness to please you.

2. Thank your INFJ with sincere hugs and kisses, and tell us you appreciate the things that we do for you. Just knowing that you’re aware of it is reward enough to keep us overjoyed (and enthusiastically continuing to do all the things you love that we do for you).

3. If an INFJ is in a romantic relationship with you, they consider you their number one priority in life. Your happiness and well being are the most important things in their lives.

4. Your INFJ can sense your emotions even more acutely than if you were telling us with words. We can feel what you are feeling. Don’t be alarmed by this as we will never use it against you. However, this means you can never lie to us. If you try, we will know, it will hurt our feelings badly that you did.

5. We love it when you just walk up to us and hold us. No words. Nothing complicated. Just gently wrap your arms around us and focus on how you feel about us. We can feel it like it is pouring out of you and into us. Don’t be alarmed if we cry when you do this.

6. We love to listen. Don’t be afraid to tell us what is on your mind, even if we didn’t ask. We love you and respect your privacy, and don’t like to pry.

7. We also love it when you listen to us. Please ask us questions to show us that you care, and let us talk when you do. The more intently you are interested in how we feel and what we have to say, the more we will love you.

8. Sometimes we need to recharge our minds, and will sit and stare blankly into space. This is perfectly normal, as your INFJ is rebooting their amazing mind. Systems will be online again shortly.

9. We thrive in an environment with just you, and a few of our closest loved ones. The more opportunities you help us create for these kinds of environments, the happier we will be.

10. We don’t do well in crowds for extended periods. We will join you in them if that’s where you want to go, but please be mindful of the duration of contact. INFJs may become unresponsive and even irritable when exposed to crowds for too long.

11. While we are extremely affectionate with you, we’re generally not interested in being affectionate with anyone else, and physical contact with strangers may unsettle your INFJ. It is best to keep strangers from attempting to pet your INFJ.

12. Your INFJ accepts you for everything you are. However, INFJs can be especially eccentric. If you accept your INFJ’s eccentricities and peculiar interests, this will greatly increase your INFJ’s happiness.

13. INFJs are otherwise very self sufficient low maintenance pets, and can be left to their own little worlds for extended periods. However, infrequent moments of affection are always appreciated.

14. Always kiss your INFJ goodnight and tell them that you love them, even if you’re not going to sleep when they do.

15. Always cuddle with your INFJ when they wake up and greet their day with love.

16. Your INFJ will have a reflex to help others. Do not be alarmed by this, as it does not in any way reflect on how your INFJ feels about you, or your relationship. It is simply our nature to help others – sometimes to a degree that makes the ones we love assume they are less of a priority. Nothing could be further from the truth.

17. Your INFJ is a planner. Sometimes spontaneity leaves us in a position that we cannot plan how to best make you happy, and we find this upsetting. Please understand that we are never upset with you, only the situation.

18. Your INFJ is very idealistic and principled. If you need us to go against our ideals or principles to make you happy, this can cause us a great deal of internal turmoil and tension. Please be mindful of our ideals and principles and avoid asking us to go against them.

19. When an INFJ’s ideals or principles are offended, we will pull away quickly. This may look very similar to our normal modes of being lost in our heads to the untrained eye, as we do not like to cause tension or disharmony. To best care for your INFJ, learn to spot this reaction and quickly make right whatever was wrong, even if it is simply an opinion. This will bring us back to the harmony we need to be our healthiest.

20. No one will ever love you as much as your INFJ.
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Pretty awesome week

My short-term memory sucks, really. Last week one of my shifts at work changed to an earlier shift, which disturbed my Friday night plans with Jaime. :( I returned Sunday for the evening... Not sure what Jaime and I did, but I'm sure it was fun. And then I was back Tuesday night lol, throughout Thursday morning. Ahh, I am so addicted to Jaime. From time to time, I ask him if I spend too much time with him (since I'm there half the week!) but he just looks at me as if I'm crazy and tells me that we don't spend enough time together. Ah, I'm glad he agrees with me.

Wednesday we actually had a fight. One I'd consider more "real" since it wasn't just a calm disagreement. I was definitely steaming but eventually sighed and stopped being my usual stubborn self. I told myself that I needed to grow up. We made up that night and all is well again. In fact, I think I'm even more in love with him from the way he handled the situation. I feel as if our bond is stronger than ever, after our talk. I love how well things are going. I haven't seen my ugly side during this relationship yet, which kind of surprises me. I'm normally petty, immature, vengeful, and often ranting when I'm upset, but then again it's still kind of early in our dating experience so we'll see. I just feel as if he brings out the best in me and I love that. I finally witnessed him being angry for the first time and even then, he was good to me. What a wonderful boyfriend.

This morning I woke up early to take Mercedes to the oral surgeon. She had her wisdom teeth removed, and I'm so glad they're gone now. Now she doesn't have to suffer in physical pain from them, woohoo! I think she is sleeping right now; hopefully she is. Gotta rest after that procedure.

Gonna head back to my Gmail account. I love how Jaime and I send love emails to each other when he's at work. <333333

Oh yea, and the other day I had lunch with broccoli, then ate more broccoli (plus carrots) for dinner. +1 for me!
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Healthy relationship

First and foremost, I just wanted to say that it is such a beautiful, gorgeous day outside right now, with the perfect temperature, and I was less than a minute away from the beach... but instead of laying on the beach reading Relationships for Dummies and enjoying the sunshine on my back, I am about to leave for class. I cannot describe the agony and self-conflict I feel and how much I hate my decision, my day, my life, etc. right now. Lol.

The point of today's entry is how healthy my relationship with Jaime is. This is the most healthy and mature relationship I have ever been a part of... I have grown so accustomed to fighting and yelling that I'm a little worried that none of that has occurred yet. Every time Jaime and I have a disagreement or misunderstanding, we always calmly and honestly discuss through the situation to come to a solution and then we're happy again. This is so foreign to me. I haven't dealt with any disrespect or insults or accusations and I don't feel as if I will encounter any of that in the future, and if I do, it'd be at a minimum. It's pretty wonderful, and makes me wonder why I didn't break up with Seth (last ex) sooner. That was such an unhealthy and destructive relationship! Yet I clung on, in hopes that things would change and improve. Silly me.

I am so happy and lucky to be with someone who is so sweet and dedicated to me. I love how he is concerned of my feelings and always tries to make me feel better if I'm feeling down for whatever reason. He frequently does little things for me to make me happy, and vice versa. I love that he takes the initiative to openly share his thoughts and feelings with me, despite hating feeling vulnerable for being open. <3
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Happy Thanksgiving all!

Everyone take a moment and read this blog entry from Psychology Today:

"As Thanksgiving approaches, I think it's important to take a gratitude inventory. A number of things in life can make us uncomfortable or even a little miffed. But sometimes they are gifts in disguise. With that in mind, here are my top ten things to be thankful for.

1. Be thankful for growing older. Not everyone gets this opportunity. Aging with health and grace is a rare and beautiful gift.
2. Be thankful that you can read these words. It is a very sad thing that many people do not have the ability to read.
3. If you have to wait in line at the supermarket for your Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful that you can afford what you want to eat and have a convenient place to buy it. We are all aware of the many people waiting in line to have a meal at the local homeless shelter.
4. Be thankful for the ability to pay your bills, even if it means that you have to give up some things that you want. Remember that having basic needs met is a luxury for many people.
5. If you have to get up before dawn to get to work, be thankful that you get to see another sunrise and have a job to go to. Think about what it would be like if you slept everyday until noon and spent the rest of your waking hours wondering what to do with your life.
6. When you're stuck in traffic, be thankful you have a car to get where you need to go and money to buy gas. Standing in the rain while waiting for a bus is, at the very least, uncomfortable.
7. When the kids are screaming at each other, be thankful that you have children to love and who love you, and remember that at least some of the time, they do get along. There will always be bumps in the road, but they are usually followed by easier times.
8. When your mate is acting grumpy or giving you a hard time, be thankful for having love in your life and someone to grow old with. A life partner is something that less than half the population has. Having your partner is a blessing that needs to be counted several times.
9. When your parents are telling you how to run your life, be thankful that you still have them around. If they are no longer with you, take a moment to be thankful for the time you had with them.
10. When you sit down with your loved ones for your Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful for everyone and everything that makes it possible. Look your family and friends in the eye and express to them your gratitude for sharing this wonderful time together.

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday. Embrace those around you and your ability to give thanks to those you love."

Psychology Today
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Another free Obama sticker


Want a free Obama sticker to celebrate our victory? It's designed by Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic HOPE poster. And MoveOn's giving them away totally free--even the shipping's free.

I just got mine. Click this link to get your free Obama sticker:



I just ordered mine and it says it'll arrive in 5-7 weeks.
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'My soul is broken,'

August 22, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

Two weeks before high school graduation, an 18 year old girl stopped by her local library late at night to return her books. She was later found brutally raped and beaten half to death. The victim is now suffering from brain damage, unable to speak or move, and is now blind. Due to the incident, her family is nearly bankrupt and her Medicaid recently expired. She had a full ride scholarship to a University. Now, her recent progress was lifting her head for merely 10 seconds.

After hearing about this story, we were inspired to help the victim and her family. We are hosting a fashion show fundraiser on September 27, 2008. We believe your support will greatly benefit this event. Please, inform us if there is anything needed to make it a possibility. Hopefully, we will be working together for a great cause.

Sincerely yours,

Michelle Phan

"Please email me at THERICEBUNNY@YAHOO.COM"

Tickets are now $20.00 online or $25.00 at the door.

The event will take place at the TAMPA BAY CONVENTION CENTER.

Link to the article

Our plea to you
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Looking for a car???

Hey yall!

I have a 2001 Dodge Neon ES for sale!

This 4 door, 4 cylinder car is in excellent shape. Its Kelley Blue Book value is at $5,150, but the firm price for this car is $3,800. What a steal!

The car is about 7 years old, but there are only 23,600 miles on it. I bet some of you drive more than that in one year!

If you are interested, leave me your email address and I will contact you with further details!! All comments are screened.
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Congratulations! You have been offered admission to UCF for the Fall 2008 term. Your acceptance is contingent upon earning an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida public community college or earning 60 transferable semester hours of credit with at least a 2.5 gpa from the last institution attended, as well as overall, two college level courses in both math and english with a grade of 'C' or better in each and successful completion of two consecutive years of the same foreign language in high school or eight semester hours of the same foreign language in college.
You may now register for orientation at
We look forward to you joining us at UCF!
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