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First and foremost, I just wanted to say that it is such a beautiful, gorgeous day outside right now, with the perfect temperature, and I was less than a minute away from the beach... but instead of laying on the beach reading Relationships for Dummies and enjoying the sunshine on my back, I am about to leave for class. I cannot describe the agony and self-conflict I feel and how much I hate my decision, my day, my life, etc. right now. Lol.

The point of today's entry is how healthy my relationship with Jaime is. This is the most healthy and mature relationship I have ever been a part of... I have grown so accustomed to fighting and yelling that I'm a little worried that none of that has occurred yet. Every time Jaime and I have a disagreement or misunderstanding, we always calmly and honestly discuss through the situation to come to a solution and then we're happy again. This is so foreign to me. I haven't dealt with any disrespect or insults or accusations and I don't feel as if I will encounter any of that in the future, and if I do, it'd be at a minimum. It's pretty wonderful, and makes me wonder why I didn't break up with Seth (last ex) sooner. That was such an unhealthy and destructive relationship! Yet I clung on, in hopes that things would change and improve. Silly me.

I am so happy and lucky to be with someone who is so sweet and dedicated to me. I love how he is concerned of my feelings and always tries to make me feel better if I'm feeling down for whatever reason. He frequently does little things for me to make me happy, and vice versa. I love that he takes the initiative to openly share his thoughts and feelings with me, despite hating feeling vulnerable for being open. <3

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